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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rotary Club of Zanesville

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Video: Hope In the Land Ministries

Mosquito Nets Video: See the People, Hear their stores, Bless the land.

Watch the video and see how a group of people lead by one couple's vision to make a difference in people's lives that are in need. Powerful.

Hope In The Land Ministries: Uganda 2010

Hope in the Land Ministries was founded in 2004 by John and Beth Musagala.  John is Ugandan and he and his wife Beth, a Indiana native, have made a commitment to serve the people in the Mayuge area of Uganda.  There is much more I could say about this wonderful organization, but first see for yourself what happens when two people decide to follow God’s calling and God’s will for their lives. What happens is other people begin to follow, healing starts to manifest itself in real and tangible ways, and lives are changed forever…. the lives of those being helped and the lives of those who choose to help. God has a plan for this ministry. Pray and see if God wants you to be part of something that is far reaching and bigger than yourself. Pray… God will let you know. -Shawn

John Paul "JP" Musagala

The short video above is footage showing our last visit to Uganda, Africa.  Hope in the Land Ministries is a non-profit ministry that helps needy people around the world by supplying them with things such as mosquito nets, shoes, bedding, clothes, etc.  See the People, Hear their stores, Bless the land.